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Incentive Tourism is really a branch with the well-known MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) industry. It can be a type of business travel used generally by large companies or corporations to reward or motivate staff, and to cultivate informal relationships with important clientele. Incentive tourism differs from other forms of MICE travel because its primary purpose while focusing is leisure and entertainment, and not professional or educational development. Incentive travel continues to be recognized by further motivate website visitors to feel involved and interested in their company’s success. As a result, in the past decade, companies worldwide have begun to realize the main benefit offering incentive travel might have on his or her business, thus making it an ever more large market on earth of MICE tourism.

– For people who love nature there exists a great place to check out – Forest park

– This is one of the largest parks throughout the United States

– It covers 1,293 acres of land

– This park receives greater than tens of millions of visitors each year

– You and your family will love the wildlife, landscapes, historic buildings and monuments

– This is a truly natural oasis for the city, mainly because it has a lot of land for industry and business usage

India – A Land of Wonders

The first thing you will see about Saugatuck, Michigan is its serene backdrop. Sandy beaches, not overflowing with beach umbrellas and boom boxes, but with more than enough room for nature enthusiasts consuming exactly what the big lake is offering, seagulls skimming the top of the water, and restaurant decks jutting towards shoreline. In fact, the National Geographic Traveler Magazine rated Saugatuck’s Oval Beach as the top two freshwater beaches in America, as well as the Conde Nast Traveler Magazine rated it as one of the 25 best shorelines… on the globe! – Apart from its breathtaking beaches, this dive destination also has a rich history dating back the Spanish regime

– Its ports provided a refuge to Spanish Galleons storms and the name Puerta Galera, meaning the Port of Galleon, came about

– It was the time from the galleon trades through the 10th century which includes made the port very well liked among seafarers from different countries

– The reason for this became its natural harbor, which can be one of many safest and most beautiful in the world

Another popular tourist destination to check out in modern Dubai could be the Dubai Marina. You will be able to have the fantastic culture with the Middle East with the many tourist locations to go to like restaurants, a mall, and hotels. One from the walk ways in Dubai marina right by Marina Waters where tourists can rent a yacht and sail around. The world famous palm shaped artificial island can also be located close to the Dubai marina the must visit for tourists. There is a luxury resort inside island with many different high end shops. For more information about Dubai trip, inquire in your local travel agency.