Take a Ferry Ride From Singapore to Batam

Our life is a blessing bestowed upon us so we need to make the most out of it. This can happen if we are adventurous and explore as much of this world as possible. This is where the basic human instinct to travel plays a key role. Visiting new places vastly widens our perspective about life and teaches us a lot many things about this world. Travelling in the years gone by used to be slow, hectic and difficult but today the scenario has changed entirely. Now you can travel by airways and waterways too. Travel by ferry in particular is quickly catching up. Gone are the days when ferry travel used to be only for fun and recreation. Today, people are taking a ferry ride even to cross national boundaries. One of the best examples of the same is Travel by ferry from Singapore to Batam in Indonesia. Travelling by ferry in this route is quite common today with quite a lot of people preferring this over any other means of travel.

Seeing the huge demand for ferry travel, this industry has been regularised and organised in this region today. You have well established ferry operators who run professional businesses in this route so you can be assured that your travel is safe and well considered for, in all possible respects. Moreover, Batam is a very different place in comparison to Singapore. You have all the amazing urban life experiences you can have in Singapore whereas Batam is a calm and serene island with lots of tourist spots. If you want tranquillity and equanimity, a quick trip to Batam is possibly one of the best solutions available to you. City life can be quite stressful but life in Batam is about peace and serenity. Moreover, if you happen to love food then Batam is the right place for you to be by all means. Quite a lot of people visit this island only for its food too so you can be assured that there is a lot to offer in Batam with respect to delicacies as well.

Gone are the days when ferry rides used to be considered as risky and unsafe. Today, you have all the required safety measures in place for ferry travel. There’s absolutely no risk involved as a result of which the number of people trusting travel by ferry has shot up manifolds in the last decade. Even in terms of expenses, ferry travel isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket by any means. It is quite affordable and will hardly cost you much. Moreover, the ticket rates for ferry are lower for children thereby giving you an added incentive to travel with your family. If you have never experienced a ferry ride then it is highly recommended that you travel by ferry from Singapore to Batam and have a whole new experience by all means. You’ll love the journey and the place much more than you can imagine and you’ll realise that the decision was well worth it.