Tailgate Party Success? You Need Outdoor Adventure Yard Games!

Tailgate parties (aka ‘tailgating’) are social events that signal the arrival of autumn. Usually held in the parking lot next to a stadium before a big game, the guests, sports fans all, gather around the tailgate (back end of a truck or SUV) where food is catered.

Eating and socializing take center stage. These sporting parties are fun for all ages, especially teens.

The most successful tailgate parties usually involve a bit more than eating and drinking. What’s their secret to success? Innovative or classic outdoor yard games! If you have the right outdoor yard games at your tail gate party, you’ll have an outdoor adventure to beat the band that plays at half time.

There are some basic criteria for an outdoor yard game to make it to our list of favorites for a tailgate party. The game must be readily transportable, not take up a lot of room (you need the space for the food and maybe a portable grill!), light weight, easy to assemble and most of all, fun!

Here’s a few of our top favorite outdoor yard games that are worthy of your precious tail gate time:

1. Washers: Washers is simply one of the best toss games around. It’s a great conversation opener when not everyone knows each other. Human nature being what it is, everyone has an opinion about the best tossing technique for this outdoor yard game.

The goal is simple: toss a metal or plastic washer into a cup. Depending on how competitive the players, the selected distance for the cup placement will vary. The usual placement is about 25 feet apart.

2. Frisbees: Did you know that Frisbees started when a young couple started tossing a cake pan back and forth in a Southern California park? Some passersby wanted in on the fun, the couple sold the cake pan for $25 (they cost a lot less in the 1950’s!) and the game of frisbee was born!

It is essential to have some basic ‘toss’ control so you don’t injure anyone if the frisbee travels too far out of bounds. Not an expensive toy at all which make this best toss game one that definitely delivers a great bang for the buck in terms of entertainment value.

3. Quoits or Horseshoes:  It’s debatable which came first in the world of outdoor yard games–horseshoes-with only one ringer or quoits with four. You’d be amazed at the arguments on this topic. No matter, both are great fun, and require some concentration and skill but not so much that the simple fun factor is lost in the process.

Tailgate parties are the stuff fall is made of. With the right food and especially the right outdoor yard games taken along, you have all the ingredients you need for a fabulous time to be had by all! Bring the best toss games and bring your game face. Game on!