Most Visited Attractions in Atlanta

Atlanta tourism gets a significant boost from the Olympic Games, which it hosted in 1996. Several attractions came into existence as part of the preparation plans for the Games. As the city began to receive tourists from around the world, many more attractions were added to the existing list. Today, the city has emerged as a fabulous vacation destination with many museums, wildlife areas and places of fun and entertainment.

As an important economic hub of the US, Atlanta features an impressive skyline with great shopping areas and dining establishments. As a result, travellers taking cheap flights to Atlanta can expect to have a memorable vacation in Georgia. Read on to know more about the most visited attractions in Atlanta.

The Georgia Aquarium

Built in 2005, the Georgia Aquarium became the world’s largest aquarium with eight million gallons of water and several thousands of marine creatures. It attracts millions of visitors every year who come here to see animals like Beluga whales, piranha, manta rays and whale sharks, among many others.

Centennial Olympic Park

The Park was developed during the 1996 Olympic Games as an added attraction for the visitors. It is known for some outstanding features, such as the world’s largest interactive fountain known as Fountain of Rings. The computerized lights and water jets are synchronized to music during shows that run several times during a day. It is a great place to cool off in summer. Children can enjoy playing in the splash area. Other attractions of Centennial Olympic Park include garden parks, water gardens, ice skating rink, and an audio walking tour.

World of Coco Cola

This is a unique place featuring several interactive exhibits and other attractions. The highlight of the tour is an opportunity to sample 70 beverages from around the world. Other attractions include a 4-D theatre, a bottling line, and a Coke and pop culture gallery.

CNN Studio Tour

This is another unique attraction of Atlanta. You are provided with an opportunity to enjoy a real behind-the-scenes look at the studios of CNN. Travelers taking flights to Atlanta can also enjoy a ride on the highest freestanding elevator in the world.

Woodruff Arts Center

A cultural hub, Woodruff Arts Center is the best place to have an experience of Atlanta’s vibrant cultural and arts scene. The complex comprises the High Museum of Art, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Alliance Theatre, Young Audiences and 14th Street Playhouse.

Atlanta History Center

Learn about the history of Atlanta and Georgia with a visit to this important landmark of the city. It houses exhibits related to the Civil War, Atlanta’s development, folk arts of the South and more. On-site historic homes, a living history farm, and children’s playhouses are other attractions of Atlanta History Center.

Zoo Atlanta

A kid-friendly attraction, Zoo Atlanta offers an easy way to see animals around the world. The zoo is home to over a thousand animals, the most important of which include gorillas, orangutans and giant pandas. Travelers taking flights to Atlanta should note that the zoo is located in historic Grant Park.