Chris Oyakhilome: Leading a Global Ministry

Meet Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris will immediately captivate you when you meet him. Chris Oyakhilome has a smile that will inspire you right away. He has been going strong within his ministry for over 25 years now. He offers a healing opportunity and ministry, he is a television host and he is an author. He has already assisted millions of people by helping them to enjoy a life of purpose within God’s world. This is victory for many. His bestselling book is Rhapsody of Realities. This has traveled around the world. It is a number one daily devotional book. This is also a Bible-study guide. It has already been distributed to over 200 countries. This is in at least 800 languages. New languages of often being added. The languages allow his writings to be accessible to various places in our world. This fosters an opportunity to allow God’s word into the lives of many. Pastor Chris holds large healing and teaching crusades. He is known to attract crowds of 3 million people in one night. His events include Night of Bliss and Higher Life conference. Chris Oyakhilome has been viewed as a “Messenger Angel” by numerous people through the entire world. He is presides over an ever-expanding network. This is network is involved with Christ Embassy Churches. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is valid and he his credible. He believes and teaches others about the powerful healing works of Jesus Christ. His knowledge has helped many people to receive miracles in their lives and healing too. He is a Nigerian Pastor worth meeting.

 God’s Divine Presence and a Real Vision

Christ Embassy is a global ministry that spreads God’s divine presence all through our world. The vision is to clearly show the character of the Holy Spirit in action. Every human …

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The 3 Secrets To Flirting and Meeting Men In The Real World

The fact is lots of women after having met someone on a site like Maturedating Online, find it scary to meet men in real life. Are you the one experiencing the same kind of feeling? Relax, should you once do it the proper way, you’ll then go on dates with an absolute ease in mind. The art of flirting is just meant to make that happen. But, surely, mastering it comes with time and a bit of experience. And so, the first thing you should do is consider the following three secrets unveiling the men’s nature and start using them to your own advantage. The rest will be done with the minimum effort applied.

Give him a signal you are safe to approach

Of course, whenever you think of starting the relationships with someone, the primary thing you should do is establish an eye contact. The first look and the first smile usually mean a lot in terms of encouraging a man for taking action. Sometimes, a three-second glance is more than enough to entirely focus his attention on you. Add here one of your most charming smiles and he’ll do whatever it takes to start a lively conversation with you. Just let him know there’s no wall between the two of you. Thus, he may enter your personal space immediately.

Ask him some questions to draw his attention

Naturally, the majority of sports bars have a TV tuned to sports channels. Would you like to know what’s the most pleasant thing about that? It is the fact you can always ask something related to sports. Men tend to watch football and baseball matches on a regular basis, which gives you a brilliant opportunity to initiate a conversation about sports. Just try to avoid questions that presuppose ‘yes’ or …

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Must Know Tips for Protecting Your Skin

We are bombarded each day with media stories about health, wellness, obesity, diet and exercise. There are so many articles, studies and recommendations; it’s almost easier to shut it all out.  One important component of health care that gets very little attention is skincare.  Skin is the largest organ in the body. It requires just as much attention and preventative care as any of our other organs. Follow these recommendations from the professionals for taking optimal care of your skin.

The skin is predominately composed of water.  As such, hydration is critical for skin nourishment. Commit to drinking at least four glasses of water daily. Coffee and alcohol actually serves to dehydrate the skin.  Limit sugary sodas as the excess sugar is not healthy for the skin. Smoking is also a huge enemy of healthy skin.

Moisturizing is the second component of healthy skin acre.  There are several in shower moisturizing products on the market that are leave on moisturizers. Otherwise, apply moisturizer direct after showering. The pores will be open and better able to absorb lotion. Select a specialized moisturizer for the delicate skin around the eyes. Apply a hand lotion after each hand wash. The skin on the hands gets the most abuse and should be moisturized accordingly.

Finally, make a habit of applying a sunscreen with a high SFP when outside during the summer and winter months.  The sun’s rays are equally damaging throughout the year.  Avoid excess sun exposure in the mid to late afternoon. This is when the sun’s rays are the most damaging to the skin. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in several hats from  Fanatics to protect the skin on your face and neck from the sun’s rays.  Lastly, make annual visits to your dermatologist for …

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