Canada Travel Tips

Canada Travel Tips

Canada travel tips are basically meant to inform travelers about the various needs they must have before entering the country. Following are some of Canada’s travel info:


Tourists must register with the State Department so that they receive assistance in the conditions of the requirements. Free online registration facilities are provided by the government where travelers can register their travel plans. Registration helps when a traveler is in an emergency, the government contacts family members.

Have a valid Visa and passport

A valid passport and visa must always be brought so that in any case an investigation can be carried out. In addition, there must be precise information about who to contact in any emergency.

Families should know about tour plans

Tourists are advised to tell their family members about the trip so they can contact for any purpose.

Checking health insurance coverage abroad

Tourists must check whether their health insurance has coverage for their illness abroad or not. If there is no health insurance for overseas countries, please make sure you have some kind of health insurance to cover during your stay outside.

Know the laws of the land

Travelers are expected to become law-abiding citizens and comply with local laws. To be a good traveler, one must familiarize yourself with local conditions and laws.

Avoid being a target of crime

It’s better to avoid the target of crime. Although Canada is a developed country and has a low crime rate, travelers are expected to use minimum jewelry. Tourists must not leave their baggage unattended in public places.


English is the official language in Canada. However, French is widely spoken.


Canada is aware of the harmful effects of smoking. Some states in Canada such as British Columbia prohibit smoking in public places.


Officially, Canada uses a metric system where distances are measured in kilometers, speed signs are in kilometers per hour. Gasoline / gas is sold by garbage and the temperature is measured on a Celsius scale.

Tax in Canada

This country has a tax regime that is imposed on travelers. In Canada, Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 7% applies in all countries and is added to most purchases and services. However, basic food ingredients have been released from him. In British Columbia, a Provincial Sales Tax (PST) of around 7% applies to retail merchandise and services with certain exceptions – such as food, books, children’s clothing, restaurant food, and personal services. Canada also rates hotel rooms with an 8-10% tax rate.

Give a tip

As always, tipping is a matter of personal concern and can be paid in restaurants, bars and pubs, taxis, and hairdressers, etc. Tourists must remember that it cannot exceed 15% of the total cost.


Drinking alcohol in public places is prohibited by law in Canada. A person must be 19 years old to consume or buy alcohol in the province of British Columbia. However, the minimum age varies from province to province.