Build a Teen’s Self-Confidence in a Boot Camp

Build a Teen's Self-Confidence in a Boot Camp

One expression which is often misunderstood is that of ‘boot camp’. Many people associate a boot camp with a military lifestyle, with route marches, heavy packs and orders being barked at miserable teens who are there as a form of punishment. This is certainly not the case with most camps. In fact they are holiday camps. They are places which operate for kids during school vacations. They are a godsend for parents who worry their kids will become bored and get up to mischief. Or, just as bad, their kids will spend their holidays sitting in front of the television and not get proper exercise or be challenged to make something of their life.

This is where a holiday camp under the title of a boot camp is the ideal answer. It will give your child a wide variety of wholesome activities. It will enable your child to learn new skills and face new challenges. It will most likely motivate and excite your child and, in so doing, give their self-confidence a real boost.

Variety, they say, is the spice of life and one thing your child will never face at a holiday boot camp is boredom. There are so many programs available that every day brings new games and challenges. It might mean hiking, climbing, cycling or water activities like kayaking. These give a healthy boost to the growing bodies in the camp and help develop teamwork and the opportunity to build leadership qualities. Those activities may take residents away from the camp base but closer to home are gym courses, trampolines, boxing, martial arts and other solo and team-orientated activities which are fun, healthy and helpful. Whatever else your child will find at these adventure boot camps, they won’t find free time and boredom.

The holiday boot camp follows many of the traditions of other boot camps. The residents get to wear the camp uniform, the staff has military titles and simple drills, marches and parades add to the military atmosphere.

Because the activities are so active, the children really become hungry and that’s where another first class benefit of these camps is seen. Professional catering staff provide plenty of appropriate food to help the growing bodies of camp residents. One fear parents have for their children when on holiday is that they will eat badly and not exercise. These two factors will certainly not help your child. But on an adventure boot camp, there is a heap of exercise, no junk food and plenty of nutritious offerings to help your son or daughter grow healthy.

The end result of their time in this type of camp is the development of their self confidence. They face challenges in the physical activities and they succeed, they may become a leader of their team and carry out their role with distinction. Their body will feel tired but healthy and having the right diet only adds to their happiness. From an adventure boot camp, your son or daughter can return home having spent the best vacation of their life.